Flexential has chosen CloudAdmin.io as the official managed services partner for hybrid cloud cost optimization.

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CloudAdmin is pleased to announce that Flexential, a leading provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions, is an official strategic partner. CloudAdmin.io which will deliver cloud cost optimization to Flexential customers.  

CloudAdmin was selected by Flexential as a robust tool to manage cloud spend for Flexential and it’s 4,000+ enterprise customers. With the tremendous growth in multi and hybrid cloud, a tool that can deliver real-time insights and actionable savings recommendations was essential. CloudAdmin will become a key component of Flexential’s Managed Services offering.

“We are pleased to provide a highly flexible, lightweight cloud cost optimization platform to Flexential and their customers,” said CEO, Pawel Gieniec, CloudAdmin. “CloudAdmin and Flexential are partnering to deliver a cutting edge, best in class, cost optimization platform to a portfolio of customers. We think this is an essential tool to navigate a highly complex infrastructure world. We are pleased to see more and more data centers taking advantage of CloudAdmin’s technology to beat complexity and cost challenges.”

Some of the unique features of CloudAdmin’s solution include an ability to manage the complexity of reserved instances, visibility into cold resources to optimize savings, visualization of spend data to understand where costs are in real-time, alerts for savings which exceed user-defined thresholds, and weekly reports. CloudAdmin offers a cloud optimization platform that works with Azure and AWS, delivered through partners, to customers worldwide. 

Visit: https://www.cloudadmin.io/register to receive a free 14-day trial and start saving today.